Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wakel breaks the moon

Wakel called the moon again. Dullar, the purple whale, started to become very nervous and turn yellow. Dullar was nervous because he thought Wakel might break the moon. The moon cracked and fell from the sky the next time Wakel called. Wakel hung up the phone and stopped calling.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wakel calls the Moon

Wakel, hungry because there was no mail in the mail box, got off Dullar, the Whale. Wakel walked into a phone booth and called the moon. It was busy. So he called again. It was still busy. He decided he would wait then try again later.

Wakel eats letters

Wakel was very hungry. He swam to a mail box in town on Dullar, the whale. Wakel eats letters. The mail box was empty so Wakel ate a book.

Wakel lives in a whale

Wakel is a boy with orange hair. He lives in a whale. The whale's name is Dullar. Dullar's hair is not orange. It's purple.

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